Maglite torch LED ML300L incl.traffic wand inc.2xD blister

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This Maglite torch fits well in the hand, is easy to carry in the pocket. It is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and weather- and shock-resistant.
This dimmable torch of Maglite (serie ML 300) is not rechargeable (Alkaline) is sustainable, for professional use and of excellent quality. When dimmed the burning time is 69 hours (58Lm and 100m) Maglite has been the standard in the field of high-quality, tubular torches for professional users. Maglite's torches are now also available as LED torches.
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Light (lm) 524
Reach (m) 350
Nominal Voltage (V) 3
Length (mm) 232
Diameter (mm) 50
Weight (gr) 430
Number of cells 2
EAN MOQ 0038739504490
Intrastat code 85131000

Maglite is a famous brand.

38 Years and Counting
Everyone has their own reason for choosing a MAGLITE® flashlight. Maybe your dad kept one in the truck, or you know someone who carried
one on the force. It could be that you’re looking for the latest LED technology, or you want Built-In-America dependability.

Whatever reason you have for choosing MAGLITE®, you’ll be glad you did.
A U.S.A. manufacturer since 1979, Mag Instrument makes flashlights that are carried by thousands of law enforcement officers, emergency
responders, military service members and ordinary people around the world.