Custom work

Tailor-made solutions for each customer

Are you developing a new product in which battery packs play a vital role? Please feel free to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you find the optimum solution.

Expert advice for an overall solution

We can answer your question, whatever it may be, quickly and effectively. On paper, down to the smallest technical details. We can fall back on decades of experience and select the best possible solution for you. Practice has shown that a down-to-earth approach like this automatically results in the best price/quality ratio. Do you need a battery pack that needs to be manufactured according to your specifications? Please let us know. We can give you extensive information and advice, to suit your schedule of requirements. For the best possible solution, you may want to contact Elfa at a very early stage.

Our own assembly facilities

Whatever your request, we can come up with a solution to match, by offering the combination of a core product range and our own production and assembly facility. We supply every kind of battery pack imaginable, made to the precise voltage, capacity and dimensions, however, you want. Regardless of the volume of the order, or just one or two units. You name it and we’ll deliver it in the shortest possible time. We either have it in stock, or we can produce it. No matter how specific your demand, we have a solution for you.

Experience in innovation

Often, we help develop innovative products. Customers know that we keep a very close track of technological developments in the field of batteries, always having up-to-date information available. Over the years, we have made a reputation for ourselves as a flexible, knowledgeable and reliable company, which is known to numerous businesses and organizations in various sectors, each with their own specific wishes and requirements. Within Elfa, we have product specialists with extensive know-how relating to products and their applications who can offer you their expert advice.

Battery packs for the medical industry

Elfa has drawn up a digital medical reference list specifically for the medical industry, covering the battery packs for more than 120 brands of medical equipment, with more than 700 (!) models. Thanks to this list, it will be a piece of cake to find and order the right battery pack. You just tell us what pack you need, and we will order it for you.